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Message from the Chief Minister

Gilgit Baltistan is a land like no other. It is a place of immense beauty, diverse cultures and hundreds of years old traditions of hospitality and warmth. The political empowerment has given us our rightful place amongst the people of Pakistan, and as an equal people we are proud to showcase our treasure of natural wealth. This website is an important step in introducing the government of Gilgit Baltistan to the rest of the world. I have browsed through its pages and am pleased to see the information and services provided. I encourage you to travel around this website and see all that Gilgit Baltistan has to offer. Do not hesitate to comment, criticize or contact us , as I have directed my team to be responsive to all new ideas and to come up with the best possible E-services for our people. 

Thank You for visiting us online.

Hafiz Hafiz-ur-Rehman

Chief Minister



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